jabberwockypie asked:

What material did you use to make Nick Fury's coat? I want to make a Hawkeye for a friend, but I'm iffy on leather (well, fake leather) because she has two cats and, you know, claws. I really like your dolls! I've been wanting to make some dolls but it took a while to sort out what I wanted them to look like (You know, use an element of this here, maybe some aspect of that some other person's cool thing there?) and it's taken ages to work out how I want the eyes to look. (No embroidery machine.)

Hi there! I’m not exactly sure of the specific material, but it’s a type of pleather with a nylon backing. I think a sportswear weight cotton or twill with a brushed finish would work well too if you’re worried about kitty claws but still want some sheen to the fabric. I’ve seen some more detailed dolls with painted eyes that look really cute. I’ve painted on fleece before and it works pretty well as long as you’re working on the less textured side. You can pick up fabric paint medium for pretty cheap and mix with regular acrylic paints to get the exact colors you want. I hope that helps and I’d love to see pictures of your doll when you’re finished!